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Who we are


Founder and CEO of Soul15 is Chantal Copello (1982 - Rome), artistic director, choreographer and

former professional dancer.


Born in Rome from a family steeped in the arts, Chantal’s interest in theatre took root early in her life. 

By the age of 10 she joined the National Academy of Performing Arts where she graduated. 

Her career as a ballet & musical performer took her to different countries, most significantly:

the Royal Opera house in London, The Ballet of Flanders in Antwerp & Stage Entertainment in Holland. 


During this period Chantal got fascinated by the world behind the scenes with significant involvement in

the fabrication and initial development of a production from conception to performance.


Soon she started to develop her own vision & themed acts for event entertainment.  

Following her passion for different artistic expressions she went on creating her own business: Soul15 Costumes & Concepts.

Soul15 aspires to be a one-stop-shop for event entertainment and provide performers, (custom or rental) costumes, props, styling & make-up.


“Soul15's work cannot be cataloged and is impossible to label. 

Our Visual Tales are artistic performances that arouse strong, intense and contrasting emotions."


What we do


Design Studio & Costume atelier

Soul15‘s visual journey through live art & entertainment design.

- Costume Atelier 

- Prop & set design 

Show Creation

We create and produce shows which have to be spectacular, understandable for a universal audience, have to be emotional and joyful at the same time.

Corporate & Festivals

Soul15 offers a wide range of entertainment, on both a corporate and a festival level.

Catering Acts

Fancy champagne serving in an innovative way? 

Sparkling drinks served by a pretty performance?

Brand Activations & Product Launch

We create a mood and atmosphere that perfectly matches the look & feel of a brand and we bring the brand’s DNA to life with an immersive multi sensorial journey.


We create a stimulating and energetic environment to allow artists to express themselves and give their best.

We work with the finest artists and offer personalized scouting and coaching. 



Sint Jansvliet 2 

2000 Antwerpen, Belgium 

TEL/WHATSAPP: +32 468 59 97 90

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