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SOUL15 is looking for a

Ben jij gebeten door de eventwereld en zie jij jezelf de dagdagelijkse voorbereiding in goede banen leiden?
Lees dan zeker verder!

SOUL15 is a full service EVENT ENTERTAINMENT agency in ANTWERP. we create themed concepts & costumes for entertainment at festivals and events. we hire performers, make up artists, bring costumes, install props & decor and produce the entertainment at the events.


for our B2B CLIENTS [event agencies, marketing agencies with activations, larger companies with event managers, shopping malls] we are looking for a production designer that can work out themed concepts, in collaboration with our design studio and present it to the client in a presentation and sales budget. 
when the project is approved, you gather all information about the production and inform the booking coordinator and the costume atelier about performers, costumes and props. 
in collaboration with the rest of the team call sheets are made. for larger productions we expect you to work at the event, so working in the evening or weekends should be possible. with the possibility of recuperating your extra hours in the days that follow. you will be stationed at our office in ANTWERP city.
we need you to have experience in an event related environment and preferably also in client relations.
spreadsheets, call sheets, timings & creating presentations should be obvious tools to organize your work. speaking and writing ENGLISH is even more important if your FRENCH language skills are limited. nous attendons que vous puissiez au moins vous débrouiller en français parlé.



    • reply to B2B clients requests & gather all related information

    • brief the design studio & brainstorm with team

    • create presentations

    • prepare budgets

    • prospection for potential clients

    • manage price list: production cost & sales prices

    • manage thematic presentations


    • point of contact for client

    • prepare event DATA:

      • create production budget

      • liaison costume atelier

      • organise transport

      • prepare planning/call sheets


    • coordinate & produce business events [larger events]

    • the focus is on sales. working on productions depends on workload as we work with freelance producers 


    • satisfaction check with clients

    • gather media

    • prepare budgets for invoice



  • TEAM: creative & dynamic environment

  • WORKPLACE: st jansvliet 2 - ANTWERP

  • WORKING REGIME: 38/38 hrs/week

    • flexible working hours

    • 1 day per week work from home

Let’s Work Together

Stuur je sollicitatie door naar Overtuig ons van je drive en skills en maak deel uit van ons team!

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